Wheel Hoe Weeder


Material Type- Stainless Steel
Type – Wheel hoe for Weeding
Ideal For –

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A wheel hoe is a weeding tool to remove unwanted plants between lines of agriculture crops. Unwanted plants take away the nutrition and water which was supposed to be delivered to crops from the soil. wheel is a manual device that can be moved in the farms and lawns. it comes with a set of 4 blades that can be used depending upon the type of the soil.

A Wheel Hoe is ideal for removing unwanted plans from rows of plants, shrubs , shrub, fruit trees and others. It is an ideal device making furrows, removing weed from hill crops and loosening compacted soil. It is immensely used at places where tractor and its attachments cannot reach. It come with 4 attachments which include 4 blades of 9-12 inches.


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