Cone type Vegetable Transplanter SS


Cone type Vegetable planter

Used on dry soil

Used to sow 20-25 seedlings within a minute

reduces time and cost of sowing

200 in stock


A planter is a semi-automatic device used to sow seeds into wet as well dry soil. The planter does not want the worker to bend down or use hands to remove soil in the farm. It comes in 3 different variants which include cone, double cone and single cone. It can adjust with the type of soil and type of crop. The planter can plant upto 7 inches of soil.

1 acre of land usually requires 10-12 people to plant 8000 to 10000 seedlings and in mulching piercing process requires a lot of time and money

With a VGT transplanters 3-4 people can sow all the seedlings in 1 acre of land within a day. One more important thing is that it can plant approximately 20-25 seedlings within a minute reducing the work of 9 labourers to 1 planter


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